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sdiction."Both I and another deputy secretary of the county committee supporte▓d him. One year after, only his commune reaped a ▓good harvest compared with the ordinary output elsewhere," Xi said. "Suddenly all the people in the county said this seemed to be a viable way, and the system finally got widely implemented.""At that time, Zhengding was a pure agricultural county. I▓ proposed to pursue diversified economic d▓evelopment and a 'semi-suburban' economic model since the county is close to Shijiazhuang," Xi said. "The county [government] set u▓p an office for diversified econo

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my, and I was concurrently the CPC County Committee's deputy secretary and the office's director.""The five communes south to th

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  • o 1985, Xi served first a▓s deputy se
  • cretary and then secretary of
  • th▓e CPC Zhengding County Committee

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e Hutuo River had done a good job. Many people we▓nt to work in Shijiazhuang by bike in the mor▓ning,"

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  • en I arrived," Xi said.At the core
  • of China's last round of rural reform
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